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Name: MonkeysInPants
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Other characters: SOON

Name: Mayday

Canon/Continuity: Transformers Animated and also he spent time in another RP, see history for deets

Reference: His reference is I made him up, but also here have a link to his more proper bio.

Canon Point: From his home universe, around the time the show happened. It's not really important because he was kind of off being a space hobo oblivious to anything to do with the plot.

- High-strung
- Germophobic/hypochondriac
- Socially awkward
- Kind of a huge weenie

AU or OC Info: Mayday was working with spacecraft from pretty much the moment he came online. Starting out just helping around the shipyards, he excelled as a mechanic, building and repairing ships. As his knowledge of spacecraft grew, he began to slowly design and build his own small spaceship out of unwanted scraps and whatever he could afford to purchase. After his ship was completed and dubbed 'The Perdition', Mayday learned to pilot her and began a new career as a sort of courier, shipping various cargos – and the occasional passenger – to all corners of the universe. Not all of these dealings were entirely legal, and he has a very small amount of combat experience as a result.

His happy, lonely existence was interrupted when he was unexpectedly dragged into another universe and to a planet called Gillanan III. There he went through many horrifying adventures and made a few friends - including fellow Autobot Breakaway, who's like a brother to him now. In part due to a stint as a human where they were literally brothers. As if all that wasn't enough, Mayday's life just had to get weirder, huh?

Sample: Here is him getting thrown into another universe that isn't this one or the one he was thrown into previously!