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OOC Information
Player Name: MonkeysInPants
Player Age: 26
Player Contact: Plurk: MonkeyInPants

Character Information
Character Name: Mayday
Character Canon: Transformers: Animated
Character Gender: Male

Mayday is rather twitchy, high-strung, and more than a little paranoid; primarily about various diseases and life-threatening afflictions that may or may not exist. With a tendency to go on over-dramatic rants, as well as being a bit socially awkward, he's not always the easiest person to get along with. For his part, he likes people well enough, he just doesn't like getting too close to them... but personal contact is something he's getting better at.

He's obsessive in his work as a spacecraft mechanic and engineer, and - other than flying a ship - it's one of the surefire things that will get his mind off the doom and gloom.

Other than believing that cleanliness is next to godliness and something everyone should strive for, Mayday doesn't have any highly defined ethical or moral code. Some general ideas he holds to include: try not to harm other things in case they harm you back (though this sentiment does not apply to any non-sentient creatures that attempt to invade his person or personal space), try to be nice to people unless they're jerks to you first, and killing people is bad because (but it's sort of okay in self defense). Overall, a sort of "leave alone, and be left alone" attitude.

Mayday was working with spacecraft from pretty much the moment he came online. Starting out just helping around the shipyards, he excelled as a mechanic, building and repairing ships. As his knowledge of spacecraft grew, he began to slowly design and build his own small spaceship out of unwanted scraps and whatever he could afford to purchase. After his ship was completed and dubbed 'The Perdition', Mayday learned to pilot her and began a new career as a sort of courier, shipping various cargos – and the occasional passenger – to all corners of the universe. Not all of these dealings were entirely legal, and he has a very small amount of combat experience as a result.

His happy, lonely existence was interrupted when he was unexpectedly dragged into another universe and to a planet called Gillanan III. There he went through many horrifying adventures and made a few friends - including fellow Autobot Breakaway, who's like a brother to him now. In part due to a stint as a human where they were literally brothers. As if all that wasn't enough, Mayday's life just had to get weirder, huh?

Mayday's alternate mode is a sort of all-terrain Cybertronian bike with a single tread instead of wheels (similar to the concept vehicle, 'The Hyanide'). This vehicle is primarily blue with some silver, and a black tread. A silver Autobot sigil can be found on the sloped nose of the vehicle.

In robot mode, he is fairly slim and gangly, with long limbs and a relatively short torso. His head is styled so that it looks like he's wearing a mix between a motorcycle helmet and a flight helmet, though his entire face is visible behind a clear, protective faceplate. Part of his tread protrudes from his back and can actually be used for limited locomotion. His Autobot sigil relocates to the center of his chest.

Mayday's primary weapon is actually a sort of incredibly versatile plasma torch which was very useful in his work building and repairing ships, able to do everything from welding to cutting through metal like butter. He can also fire blasts of plasma at medium range, though these do much less damage than the torch can do at close range. The torch transforms out of his left hand.

Other than this, he carries a variety of tools and devices concerning personal hygiene on him at all time, but none are particularly suited for combat.

He also has a port in the back of his head which will allow him to connect to any appropriately modified machine and control it like an extension of his body.


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